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Meet Alexandria


I am an Embodiment Coach and S Factor Movement Teacher.  As someone whose journey of self-discovery was healing from body shame and hatred, I learned how to accept, love and honor my vessel. I looked at the places that were uncomfortable in me which was no small task. Since then, I have made it my mission to guide women to do the same, through embodiment techniques, intuitive movement and coaching, to find their true Feminine essence and learn how to trust their body’s wisdom so they can experience more freedom in their lives. 

Move with Me

Embodiment Classes

Join Alexandria for a sensuous workout that unlocks, amplifies, and celebrates the natural language of your feminine body.


Fluid Feminine Movement
Join Alexandria for a Beginner Virtual S Factor class! S Factor is a sensuous workout that unlocks, amplifies, and celebrates the natural language of your feminine body. This class reconnects you with your body’s wisdom through movement that is tailored and designed for your female physiology. Come play, move, sweat, have fun and connect with your feminine radiance. No experience necessary. This class is geared toward beginners, however if you’ve been practicing S Factor for a while and want to revisit the foundation movements come dance with us! No pole will be used and no explicit music.


Thursdays, 12:00-1:00pm

Drop-In @ $20.00

4-Class Pack Discount @ $68.00

Element Series
Join Alexandria for a special S Factor series to awaken and embody aspects of the four elements - grounding (earth), flow (water), sensuality (fire) and breath (air). During this 4-week series, you will explore a different element each week through movement, music and creative invitations. You will discover how to ground your body by rooting into the earth, flow in a fluid river of feminine movement, ignite your sensual fire and breath in inspiration to awaken to your life. This series is open to women only and does not require a pole. Join me for all 4-weeks to anchor your connection to your elemental body or pop in for one class.


4-week series

6:00-7:15pm Tuesdays (starting June 26, 2021) 

Cost: $27 drop-in class / $89.00 4-class pack series discount

Sensual Flow
Slow down and enjoy the circular movements your feminine body loves! You ever get that feeling like you are disconnected from your body's deep wisdom? That place in you that knows how to play and feel deeply, and can be the guiding force in your life? S Factor was created to invite you back into this place so you can connect with your feminine radiance! This class explores slow circular movements that deepen your feminine connection while offering a great workout. This beginning class will introduce you to foundational S Factor movement pathways, beginning pole moves and teach you a sexy wall/floor routine. Open to female identified folx only.

In Person

Steel & Grace Pole Studio

Santa Cruz, CA  

Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm 

Goddess Playshop
Join Alexandria to explore and embody the Goddess in you. During this series, you will meet a new Goddess each week to tap into various aspects of the Feminine through movement, music and creative invitations. Gaia, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Pandora will be your guides. You will discover how to move their energy through you and integrate their gifts. Come ready to play!
Thursdays, July 8, 15, 22, 29
7:00-8:15 p.m., 2021
Freedom Boulevard Dance Company
2908 Freedom Boulevard
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“While Alexandria led me with inviting words and sensual movements, my story began to recite itself, like a well worn novella. The judgment of missing a step or feeling too stiff, was expressed into the ether, a gentle offering of surrender. After the movements, she led us in a brief writing and drawing exercise to integrate what came up during class. Her gifts are to guide where body, story and symbolism meet. I was reminded of the honor and joy it is to be in this body with my story and at the same time neither let it define or limit me.”

Christine T.

Coaching provides a guiding light.

Sometimes you may feel lost at sea. When the waters are rough and winds are high, one needs support to navigate home. You might feel disconnected from your body, your relationships, your purpose and even God. Often, your gifts are not revealed until they are unearthed from your challenges. I have made it my life’s work to support you to steer your ship back home to embody your inner radiance and light.

My coaching doesn’t involve a formula that categorizes you and puts you in a box.  Striving to be in that “box” is often what disconnects us from being aligned with who we truly are. I support you to connect the dots in the places and parts of yourself and life that don’t seem to fit together.  Often, we are too close to our own challenges to see the bigger picture and patterns.  In our coaching journey together, we will find ways to realign you with what you love by healing anything that stands in the way. We do this through coaching, somatic based inquiry, creative explorations (movement, writing, drawing, play) and meditation. After our work together, you will step back to see your larger masterpiece by embodying a life with deeper meaning and purpose.

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